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The purpose of this publication is twofold: 1. It provides homeowners with basic information on the causes of sanitary sewer backups.2. It provides homeowners with general information on solutions that can be implemented to protect their property from sanitary sewer backups. This How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous publication is informational only. 

It is not intended as a "Do-It-Yourself" guide or to be considered as implying any type of recommendation. The City recommends that any solution to a sanitary sewer backup problem be developed with the assistance of a competent professional plumbing contractor How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and/or a competent professional engineer.

SANITARY SEWER BACKUP CAUSES The City of Decatur operates and maintains two separate sewer systems. The first system is a storm sewer system consisting of a network of large diameter pipes, manholes How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and inlets designed to transport storm water (sometimes called clear water) from developed areas to an appropriate open channel or lake. 

The other is a sanitary sewer system which consists of a network of smaller diameter pipes (usually 8-inches in diameter) and manholes designed to transport wastewater from your service sewer line to the Sanitary District of Decatur (SDD) interceptor sewer system. SDD's interceptor system consists of larger diameter sewer pipes that transport wastewater to a treatment plant where the wastewater is processed How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and discharged to a stream. 

Both the City's sanitary sewers and the SDD's interceptors are designed only for sanitary wastes. (See Figure 1.)In some older areas of town a third system may exist called combine sewers. Combine sewers are systems that transport both storm How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and sanitary water to the treatment plant. In these areas the potential for backup or surcharge in the sewer system is much greater because of the unpredictability of the amount of rainwater that will enter the combined system.

If only sanitary wastes were transported by the sanitary sewer systems. Sanitary sewer backups would only occur when obstructions were present in sewer pipes. However, How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous during certain types of wet weather conditions, sanitary sewer systems become inundated with additional non wastewater (clear water). 

The sanitary sewer system was never designed to carry this additional water so the sewer systems become surcharged and this result in backups of wastewater in lower levels How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and basements. (See Figure 2).The additional clear water entering the sanitary sewer systems is called infiltration/inflow (I/I). Infiltration is defined as indirect sources of stormwater or groundwater (clear water) infiltrating into a sanitary sewer system. 

Examples of infiltration include: Defective pipes and joints (cracked, broken, misaligned, etc.) in the public sanitary sewer systems. Defective pipes and joints in the property owners' sewer service lines. Defective How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and deteriorated manholes in the public sanitary sewer systems. Inflow is defined as direct sources of clear water entering into the sanitary sewer systems. 

Examples of inflow include: Building footing and foundation drains connected to sanitary sewer service lines. Sump pumps connected to sanitary sewer service lines. Window well drains, stairway drains, How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous yard drains and patio drains connected to sanitary sewer service lines. Storm sewers and storm inlets connected to the public sanitary sewer systems.

Inflow sources, unlike infiltration sources, are usually larger in magnitude and therefore contribute more significantly to the surcharging problem in the sanitary sewer system. For example, How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous eight residential sump pumps rated at 2800 gallons per hour each and connected illegally to the sewer system can consume the entire flow capacity of a typical eight-inch diameter sanitary sewer (345 gallons per minute). 

Additionally, footing drains four inch in diameter How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and flowing full from four homes connected illegally to the City's sewer system can consume the entire flow capacity of an 8-inch diameter sanitary sewer. As mentioned earlier, sanitary sewer backups should occur only during times of heavy rains orextended periods of wet weather. 

If sanitary sewer backups are occurring at your home during times of no rainfall, How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous there is probably something wrong with the public sewer system in your neighborhood and the City's Public Works Department should be contacted at 424-2747.C. IDENTIFYING PRIVATE SOURCES OF INFLOW As described in Section B, some of the major sources of inflow into the sanitary sewer system are located on private property. 

These inflow sources involve a direct connection on private property between the plumbing for the sanitary service line and the plumbing for stormwater and How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous groundwater drainage (see Figure 3). The City urges all property owners to investigate the location and the point of discharge of all plumbing on their property associated with stormwater, groundwater and sewage. 

During the course of this investigation, How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous if a plumbing connection is found that would allow clear water (stormwater/groundwater) to flow into the sanitary service line this connection must be removed. Failure to disconnect would continue to allow inflow into the sanitary sewer system and could reduce the effectiveness of any solution implemented by a property owner to prevent sewage backup.

The major sources of inflow on private property are listed below with the methodology that can be used to locate the source. 1. Building footing and How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous foundation drains connected directly to the sanitary service line.This type of connection can only be identified with certainty by exposing the sanitary service line and inspecting the exposed sewer line for cross connections with the building footing and foundation drains. 

Property owners should be concerned about this type of connection if their building has a basement and How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous no sump pump.2. Sump pump discharge connected directly to the sanitary service line. This type of connection can usually be identified by tracing the discharge piping of the sump pump to its point of discharge. 

If the sump pump discharges to pipes that are used to transport sewage, the connection must be removed How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and the discharge of the sump pump must be directed elsewhere. If the sump pump piping cannot be traced, the discharge water from the sump pump can be dyed and then traced to a sanitary or storm sewer.

3. Downspouts, window well drains, stairway drains, yard drains How To Get The Smell Of Raw Sewage Out Of The Hous and patio drains connected to the sanitary service lines. These types of connections can usually be detected by smoke testing the City sanitary sewer and/or by dying the discharge water from the individual drains or downspouts.

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